Monday, December 10, 2012

What Is My Purpose?

What Is My Purpose?

            Purpose means the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  I believe everybody has a purpose and potential to make a difference, but they must search themselves before they can serve their purpose.  Finding your purpose is not an easy task.  It involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses, along with tying them into your likes and dislikes.  No one can tell you what you are meant to do simply because nobody knows you more then yourself, however the question, “what is my purpose”, still leaves me without a clue.  Although I do not know exactly what my purpose is, I do know that I have a drive to learn everything that I can possibly learn and be the best person I can be.  I also know that I have natural talent in some areas that may be what I was meant to do.  I am hoping to find my purpose while pursuing my goals in life.
            I am the type of person that lives life one day at a time.  I am a very laid back individual that plays the male figure in my family.  I am currently a high school senior that lives with my mom and little sister.  I believe a part of my purpose is to not only be the best son that I can be, but also a role model that my younger sister, Lexi, can look up too.  I am the type of person that will do anything for somebody close to me.  I strive to be that dependable person that can be called upon no matter what the situation is because I simply enjoy helping people. 
            Academics have always been an area I am strong in.  Since I do exceptionally well in mathematics and sciences I have decided that I will not let my potential go to waste.  After high school I plan on attending college and studying a branch of engineering at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  Obviously, my purpose in college is to be a good student and maintain good grades, but I do believe that college is the time in my life where I need to have a little fun and have great experiences that I will not have the opportunity to have later on in my life.  UNL is a good fit for me because I want to go to college somewhere close to home so I can come back home whenever I am needed and still be a role model for my younger sister.  Another reason I feel that UNL is a good fit for me is because they are known for their strong engineering program.  Going to a college far away is not an option for me because I feel like I would be leaving the only life I know behind.  I have grown up in the same town all my life and all my friends are going to be in the same area.  I still am not sure exactly which direction I am heading, but I have an idea and I think it will lead me to a career that I will excel in and can make a difference.  So far that is the plan, but everybody knows that plans can change.
            After college is where my purpose in life is a little foggy.  As my life goes on I am sure that I will find my purpose, but as of right now all I know is that I want to be successful in whatever I am doing.  I hope to be someone who is looked up to and also someone that can be counted on.  Although I may not know what career I will be in I am sure that I will not be located far from where I am now.  I still haven’t decided on whether I will start a family and have kids or not.  I obviously have plenty of time to think about a decision like that, but it is a possibility.  If that is the route my life takes I think my life will take on a whole new purpose all together.  I hope to be the best family man that I can be and raise a family with good values so they can have a meaningful purpose of their own.
            It is hard to tell what twists and turns my life may take, but no matter what happens some of my purposes will remain the same.  My purposes are simple.  Experience all the great things in life.  Be the best person I can be.  Make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible.  But ultimately my purpose is to live my life day by day with no regrets.

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  1. Logan,

    I am 100% sure you will make a great engineer and you will not let your younger sister down. She will always look up to you. How lucky she is to have you! Good luck next year at UNL and don't have *too* much fun! ;)

    Dr. English